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Steven Sherman

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Receive unparalleled services  from The Gunstock Duplicator. Our business is dedicated to becoming one of the top companies in the industry. We work hard to make sure that we always satisfy your needs. My Dad is a Master Gun Stock maker who has been making Custom Gun Stocks for over 30 years. My Dad, Doug Sherman, has built guns for people like; CHUCK NORRIS, Baron Hilton and Cecil Fredi. Having this experience "on site" is invaluable. 

I started The Gunstock Duplicator due to the frustration of many Gunsmith's and Gunstock makers having to wait months to have a stock duplicated. I offer a 72 hour guaranteed turn around for an additional $40 charge for those in a BIG Hurry. I complete most all my work within 2-3 weeks of recieving it. 

We are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. I know that the only way we can become a successful business is by making you happy. Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional products and services by choosing The Gun Stock Duplicator.